Our First Project

Al-Rashed Center celebrated in Feb. 2016 its 20 years of serving the field of counseling and psychotherapy since 1996.

Companies and Projects

SmartsWay Holding Co. manages more than 12 companies and projects that are specialized in social, psychological, self-development, health awareness and enlightened trips.

Brief History

1995 - Salah Al-Rashed held the first public seminar in NLP in Kuwait.
1995 - First production of tapes and book.
1995 - Started the first Radio program in personal development.
1996 - Established Al-Rashed Center in Salmiah in Kuwait to provide counselling, psychological services, and organize training programs in self-development.
1997 - Books and tapes became best sellers in the region of GCC.
1997 - Started www.alrashed.net
1998 - Shifted the business to Hawally in Kuwait with a full comprehensive center.
1998 - Started the first branch in Dubai.
1999 - Established Al-Rashed Franchise, Inc. and registered brands.
2000 - Started franchising centers in the Arab region.
2002 - Branch No. 20 in the Arab region was opened.
2003 - Started 1st trip to Maldives.
2004 - Started SmartsWay TV Channel.
2005 - Al-Rashed Franchise, Inc. started managing SmartsWay TV fully.
2005 - Established Real Dreams Trips Co.
2006 - Established SmartsWay Holding Co. between Al-Imtiaz Investment Group and Al-Rashed Franchise, Inc.
2009 - Established Joy Club online.
2009 - Launched e-commerce services of books and publications through MyShop.ac
2009 - Lunched Facebook page www.Facebook.com/ssalrashed
2010 - Providing online training and consulting services through www.alrashedonline.com
2011 - Creating e-media library and providing more than 600 hours of video and sound tracks through Al-Rashed Radio and Al-Rashed TV (radio.alrashed.net and tv.alrashed.net).
2012 - Enlarging Joy Club activities to become the International Academy of Personal Development.
2012 - Dr. Salah Al-Rashed takes over SmartsWay Holding Co.
2012 - SmartsWay Holding Co. takes over International Academy of Personal Development.
2013 - Lunched H.E.R. Massage Center in Kuwait.
2014 - Salah Al-Rashed takes over all shares of SmartsWay Holding Co.
2015 - Established H.E.R. Holistic Center and Spa in Sri Lanka.
2015 - Established H.E.R. Co. in Bosnia Herzegovina.
2016 - Established SmartsWay Limited Co. in UK (SmartsWay Studio UK).
2016 - Real Dreams Trips organizes 21st trip to India.