The Definition of Development:

Source: UNDP (2016),

Human Development is seen and measured according to the level of health, wealth, education, decent living, security, equality, rights, and environmental safety. The higher the level of these criteria the better the human development index is. Human development is summarized by three words "Widening human choices."

Our Role in sharing with the world to widen human choices and help living to be better for all:
SmartsWay projects focus on creating better environments for people to see wide choices and make better ones. We work on the fields of: Health, Education, Knowledge, Training people to make better choices, Spreading awareness about human development and better living.

Challenges in the world:
Our world is faced with many significant challenges that could be obstacles to achieve human potential development. These challenges can be summarized in the following:

(1) Poverty
(2) Low decent life
(3) Wars and Violence
(4) Illiteracy and poor education
(5) Diseases and malnutrition
(6) Environmental issues
(7) Human Rights

Some of these challenges have gotten to be a greater threat in the previous years. Some we have made better achievements. However, so much is needed still to be done. It is our belief that we say that awareness must come first so that everyone works towards the goals and to reduce and maybe overcome challenges.